Strategy Goal

Designed to serve as a holding place for future investment dollars, an emergency cash reserve or a readily available source of funds, the Tax Exempt Cash strategy seeks to safeguard investment principal by concentrating on safety and liquidity first, with a strong secondary emphasis on generating a competitive yield.

Our Process

How We Make Money Market Strategies Work For You:

Safety And Liquidity Assessment

We seek highly rated investments in attractive sectors and prioritize liquidity.

Determine Maturity Structure

We seek a balance of yield and maturity to strive for low-risk investments while earning attractive returns.


We seek to maximize returns while maintaining capital. If the yield and risk is not worthwhile, we will change our approach.


The objective of this strategy is to maintain stability of principal, preserve capital and generate income exempt from federal and state income taxes.

Account Minimums and Fees

$15,000,000 to $25,000,00015 bps
Next $25,000,00012 bps
Next $50,000,00010 bps
More than $100,000,0008 bps
Account Minimum: $15,000,000
Cavanal Hill reserves the right to waive account minimums at its discretion.