Strategy Goal

Our Strategic Fixed Income strategy invests mainly in bonds that we think are undervalued in the current market. To achieve returns for you, we look for inefficiencies in the market and take advantage of them. To minimize risk, we invest only in investment grade securities and bonds.

Our Process

How Our Fixed Income Management Process Works For You:


We seek opportunities to generate returns for our investors.


We test our discoveries for relative value and associated risk. If it’s not worth it, we go back to the drawing board.


We invest in assets that have value within the current market. We only buy when we believe the price is right.


We monitor our investments closely. We ensure our reasoning remains valid and, if it isn’t, we return to the discovery phase.


Our Fixed Income strategies seek to achieve results for you by looking for inefficiencies in the market—particularly in areas we consider under-researched areas—and taking advantage of them for your benefit. While we believe that excess return is good, we believe risk-adjusted return is even better. Our pursuit of superior returns for you is tempered with strong risk-management processes.

Account Minimums and Fees

All Accounts75 bps
Account Minimum: $5,000,000
Cavanal Hill reserves the right to waive account minimums at its discretion.