Strategy Goal

The goal of our Dividend Equity strategy is to provide an attractive dividend yield—at least 100 basis points above the S&P 500—as well as exposure to equity markets. To mitigate risk of sector or style concentration, we invest across a wide variety of sectors and market caps.

Our Process

How We Make Equity Strategies Work For You:


We seek to identify companies capable of generating returns for you. We also consider secular trends that lend themselves to long-term investment horizons.


We evaluate risk and reward based on our expectations of company fundamental performance.


We value assets relative to market and growth prospects.


We monitor our investments closely. If we believe the investment prospects are less than we expected, we remove the stock from the portfolio.


The objective of our Equity strategy is to generate a total return, net of all fees, in excess of the Russell 3000® Value benchmark over rolling three- to five-year periods.

Account Minimums and Fees

$150,000 to $5,000,00070 bps
Next $5,000,00065 bps
Next $15,000,00060 bps
Next $25,000,00055 bps
Next $50,000,00050 bps
More than $100,000,00045 bps
Account Minimum: $2,000,000
Cavanal Hill reserves the right to waive account minimums at its discretion.