The Cavanal Way

Cavanal Hill seeks to maximize possible returns for you while mitigating risk—this is the objective of our Fixed IncomeEquity and Money Market strategies. We apply disciplined, collaborative investment processes to provide flexible solutions customized to the specific goals of advisors, institutions and individuals.

Separately Managed Accounts

Fixed Income

Our Fixed Income strategies seek to achieve results for you by looking for inefficiencies in the market—particularly in areas we consider under-researched areas—and taking advantage of them for your benefit. While we believe that excess return is good, we believe risk-adjusted return is even better. Our pursuit of superior returns for you is tempered with strong risk-management processes.


Our Fundamental Equity strategies focus on growing companies that can strengthen your portfolio. We use our unique philosophy as a blueprint to earn results for you. Our quantitative strategies employ a multi-factor investment process based on well-established market characteristics like value, momentum, growth, etc.

Keeping your financial goals in mind, we invest in companies that are gaining market share and exhibiting strong potential. We examine protective barriers around competitive advantages for each company, analyze financial results and develop expectations for the future. 

Money Market

Our Money Market process is analytical and straightforward. Within the cash equivalents market, our risk management efforts concentrate on your need for safety, liquidity and competitive yields by investing in high-quality, short-term debt instruments.

Focused intently on risk-management and capital preservation, our Money Market managers are dedicated to ensuring the steady growth and safety of your money.