Cavanal Hill owes its history of strong performance to one thing: an unyielding commitment to deliver long-term results. We leverage a wealth of historical, financial and professional insights when creating investment strategies; taking a very deliberate, analytical approach that enables us to discover market opportunities others fail to see.

Our strategies tend to have higher quality ratings from a credit and balance sheet standpoint.  In turbulent markets, the idea is to provide active portfolio management that provides better protection from the downside pressures of the market relative to our competitors. At Cavanal Hill, we focus on delivering customized, efficient portfolio management in an inefficient world.

Rest assured that we will apply every ounce of experience, advanced technology and industry knowledge to help you succeed.

Cavanal Hill Investment Management is an SEC-registered investment advisor, and a subsidiary of BOK Financial Corporation, BOKF. BOKF has $81 billion in assets under administration or management.